About Shaikh Arshad

Shaikh Arshad is a certified teacher in Noorani Qaida from Furqan Centre – Jeddah Saudi Arabia, that enables non-Arab speakers to enhance their Articulation points { Makharij } to recite Quran with Tajweed easily. Moreover, I have prepared the whole lessons of Noorani Qaida that attracts both adults and kids, along with many exercises on each lesson. With me, you can recite Quran and learn Tajweed quickly and easily Inshallah.

I create an interest on them to learn knowing their own interest; According to their age gender . Makes learning fun and interesting .Teaches them to explore the world creates a thirst on them to learn more and more . At the same time don't burden too much Ease their work . Adjust with each of them knowing their capacity.