Maris Centre offers Noorani Qaida Online Quran Classes for kids (Boys under 7years age) Girls and Ladies ( For all ages). This is basic Quran Learning Course and it is the Foundation for Learning the Holy Quran Properly. Noorani Qaida is Very Simple and Our Trained Teacher will teach you the Best and make you able to Learn Noorani Qaida and Recite it Properly.



❖ Once you are Mastered in Learning Noorani Qaida Correctly, You will proceed with Learning Quran Recitation.

Quran Recitation is about saying the words of Allah (SWT) out Loud with Understanding and in a proper manner that suits the Greatness of these Divine Words. The Quran recitation fills your heart, soul, mind, and tongue with the light of Allah (SWT). Not to mention that the Quran Reciter (the person who recites the Quran) will get So Many Rewards from Allah (SWT) in this Life and the Life Hereafter.

❖ Actually, many people think that they are reciting the Quran Correctly, just because they know How to Read Arabic. Well, think again! Quran Recitation is not Like Reading any Other Book. It Involves Certain Rules and Regulations that should be Followed for Correct Tilāwa. In this regards, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
Verily the One Who Recites the Qur’an Beautifully, Smoothly, and Precisely, He will be in the Company of the Noble and Obedient Angels.
Hadith – Sahih Al-Bukhari


❖ Learning Tajweed Quran Helps you to Recite the Quran the way the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been Reciting it. It’s Considered a Complementary and Advanced Step for Mastering Quran Recitation.

❖ Some people may think that Studying Tajweed is not Critical or Necessary for Correct Quran Recitation. Well, They Are Mistaken!

❖ Tajwid Preserves the Tongue from Mistakes in Pronunciation during Reading or Reciting the Holy Quran.

How to Learn Quran Recitation

❖ In order to Learn How to Recite Quran Correctly, Maris Centre provides a Specialized “Quran Recitation Course”. Through this Comprehensive and Customizable Course, You or Your Kids can Learn Quran Recitation Online at Home under the Orientation of Skillful Female Teachers.

The Quran Teaching Experts at Maris Centre will Teach You or Your Kids all Aspects of Quran Recitation. You’ll learn the Correct Pronunciation of Quranic Verses, Different Rules of Reciting the Holy Quran, and even the Etiquette of Quran Recitation.

❖ During the “Quran Recitation Course”, the Assigned Tutor will Train You on the Quran Phonetics.

❖ Starting from the Short Surahs to the Longest Ones. Eventually, you will be able to Recite the Whole Quran in the Correct way Without any Mistakes Insha Allah.